Weekend Learning: Islamic Studies, Level 8

Weekend Learning: Islamic Studies, Level 8
Level 8: Table of Contents
Divine Names
Objective of the Qur’an
Hadith: Collection and Classification
Madhhab: A Brief Overview
Hope, Hopefulness, Hopelessness
Trials in Life: Everyone Will Experience Them
Friends and Friendship: Who is a Good Friend?
Friendship with Non-Muslims
Dating: How Islam Looks at the Issue
Duties Towards Parents
Islam For Middle School Students
The Battle of Badr
The Battle of Uhud
Banu Qaynuqa: Threat Within Madinah
Banu Nadir: Treachery in Madinah
The Battle of Khandaq
Banu Qurayzah
Surah Al-Ahzab on the Battle of Khandaq
Hudaibiyah Treaty: A Clear Victory
Mission to Tabuk: A Test of Steadfastness
Farewell Pilgrimage
Performance of Hajj
Paradise and Hell
Finality of Prophethood
The Early History of Shi‘ah Muslim
Umayyad Dynasty
Abbasid Dynasty
Permitted and Prohibited Food
Appendix: Steps of Salat
Appendix: The Compulsory Acts of Salah
Appendix: Praying Behind an Imam
Appendix: Salah for Latecomers
Appendix: The Du‘a Qunut
Appendix: The Salat al-Janazah
Appendix: Conditions that Nullify Wudu
Appendix: Adhan, ‘Iqamah and Response
Appendix: Family Tree of Rasulullah (S)
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