Weekend Learning: Islamic Studies, Level 5

Weekend Learning: Islamic Studies, Level 5
Level 5: Table of Contents
Allah: Our Sole Master
Why should we worship Allah?
Revelation of the Qur’an
Characteristics of the Messengers
The Battle of Badr: Allah Supports The Righteous
The Battle of Uhud: Obey Allah and Obey The Rasul
The Battle of The Trench: A Bloodless Battle
The Treaty of Hudaibiyah: A Clear Victory
Liberation of Makkah: A Bloodless Victory
Adam (A): The Creation of Human Beings
Ibrahim (A): His Arguments With The Polytheists
Ibrahim(A): His Plan Against The Idols
Luqman (A): A Wise Man’s Lifelong Advice
Yusuf (A): His Childhood And Life In Aziz’s Home
Yusuf (A): Standing Up For Righteousness
Yusuf (A): Childhood Dream Comes True
Ayyub (A): Exemplary Patience And Perseverance
Zakariyyah (A) and Yahya (A)
Maryam (ra): Life of a Righteous Woman
Major Masajid in the World
Upholding Truth: A Duty Of All Believers
Responsibility and Punctuality
My Mind, My Body: Body is a Mirror of the Mind
Kindness and Forgiveness
The Middle Path: Ways To Avoid Two Extremes
Salah: Its Significance
Sawm: Its Significance
Zakat and Sadaqah: Similarities And Differences
Appendix: Steps of Salat

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