Towards Undestanding Islam

Towards Undestanding Islam
The present edition of Towards Understanding Islam is more than a new translation of Syed Maududi's book Risalah Diniyat: it is an entirely new and revised version. Syed Maududi explains:‘My object in writing this book has been to provide all those - Muslims and non-Muslims alike - who have no access to the original sources with a brief treatise giving a lucid, comprehensive and all-embracing view of Islam. I have avoided minute details and endeavored to portray Islam as a whole in a single perspective. Apart from stating what we Muslims believe in and stand for, I have also tried to explain the rational bases of our beliefs. Similarly, in presenting the Islamic modes of worship and the outlines of the Islamic way of life, I have also tried to unveil the wisdom behind them. I hope this small treatise will go far towards satisfying the intellectual cravings of Muslim youth, and that it will help non-Muslims to understand our real position.
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