The Quran, Tajweed Color Coded, 23cc, Golden Zipper

The Quran, Tajweed Color Coded, 23cc, Golden Zipper
Tajwīd (Arabic: تجويد‎ tajweed is an Arabic word for elocution and refers to the rules governing pronunciation during recitation of the Qur'an. It is derived from the triliteral root j-w-d, meaning 'to make well, make better, improve'. It is required by fard. There are ten schools (tawātur) of recitation, the most prevalent of which is the recitation of Imam ʻĀṣim as transmitted by Imam Ḥafṣ.
The Arabic alphabet has 29 basic letters.
The Arabic word for "the" is al- (the letters alif and lām). The lām in al- is pronounced if the letter after it is "qamarīyah" (lunar), but if the letter after it is "shamsīyah" (solar), the lām after it is assimilated to the following letter. These names were given simply because the words for 'the moon' and 'the sun' (al-qamar and ash-shams, respectively) are examples of this rule.(al-qamar and ash-shams respectively). Thus the Tajweedi Quran gives rules in color coded style for pronunciation of the Quran.
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