Signs of God, Design in Nature (Harun Yahya) PB

Signs of God, Design in Nature (Harun Yahya) PB
Let us for a moment think of an aspirin; you will immediately recall the mark in the middle. This mark is designed to help those who take a half dose. Every product that we see around us, even if not as simple as the aspirin, is of a certain design, from the vehicles we use to go to work, to TV remote controls. Design, in brief, means a harmonious assembling of various parts in an orderly form designed for a common goal. Going by this definition, one has no difficulty in guessing that a car is a design. This is because there is a certain goal, which is to transport people and cargo. In realisation of this goal, various parts such as the engine, tires and body are planned and assembled in a factory.
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Author Harun Yahya
Language English
ISBN 9756426349
Pages 177
Binding Paperback
Year Of Publication 2003
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