Beavers: Skillful Dam Constructors (By Harun Yahya) PB

Beavers: Skillful Dam Constructors (By Harun Yahya) PB
Karim is a young boy who enjoys sports and reading books and also has great interest in animals. He also enjoys the spring camp they go to every year. This year at the camp, Karim meets Mr. and Mrs. Beaver. As you read this book, you will learn about beavers along with Karim. You will see that thanks to the skill they possess from birth, Karim's new friends can design an amazing home for themselves, which is in fact a quite difficult and complicated task. Who gives them this knowledge of engineering and these skills? In this book, you will see that there is only one answer to this question. There is a Supreme Power Who teaches them all these things. This power belongs to Allah, Who created everything, including us. (Publisher's description)
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Author Harun Yahya
Language English
ISBN 8178981211
Pages 51
Binding Paperback
Year Of Publication 2005
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